Green Meetings – Fashion or Future?

The core of a meeting, if we want to call it green is sustainability. The main goal should not be only to reduce a footprint and impact on nature and environment. What is truly a green meeting or green event should follow so called triple bottom line approach. With it we try to maintain the balance between environmental, social and economic concerns against business needs. That means that we do not make a simple event, nor that it has to have a number of limitations. It only means that we think twice: do we really need all those materials and what materials should we use.

And what are the benefits?

The Economic bottom line – the event has to be carefully planed. Because we re-think our steps, we can use better and environmentally friendly materials and still save you some money! And do you think reusable stuff and second hand products are always bad and can impact your reputation in a bad and unwanted way? Think again! Try to implement them into your meeting, ask for them and save a bit of nature – and some money.

The Environmental bottom line – best known part of green events. The footprint on the nature, preserving trees and acting responsibly. But did you know, that you could help to preserve the nature with small steps? For example: it is calculated, that pre-filling water into glasses at the banquet can waste as much as 0,3 l of water per attendee per event! That means that on a banquet for 100 people, 30 l of water will be wasted. Doesn’t sound much? Imagine having 2200 people over 3 days. That now makes 2444 l of water that is wasted. Shocked?

The Social bottom line – means using resources and people that are available locally. So why would you order paper from China if local one is the same, often even of better quality. Why would you pay for sound system to be brought from Germany, if there are speakers in the hall you will use? And who knows secrets of the places better then the locals? We say no one. If this doesn’t convince you – then think about the impact on the nature.

So, would you go green, because it is the future? Or do you think it is still more of a fashion? We know great places for green meetings and green events. :-)

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