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How iDMC helped cleaning Slovenia

iDMC team took part in a nationwide project “Let’s clean Slovenia” that took place last saturday. Can you guess what we have found in our nature? [easyrotator]erc_0_1332670595[/easyrotator] Our impressions:

Gregorjevo – when the birds get married

Just yesterday, on March 12th, we were celebrating so called “Gregorjevo” (which is impossible to say in english ). This is the original lovers’ holiday in our land. It is named after St. Gregor (George), who is known as the one who brought the light on the first day of spring. Originally Gregor (George) the […]

Meeting geek – how iPad changed my meetings

Tomorrow is a big day for all Apple fans and for the competition too. On March 7th Apple is unveiling the third generation of iPad. The tablet mania spread in April 2010 when the trendsetter from Cupertino stormed through the market with the revolutionary iPad. For users of existing iOS devices this was a completely […]

Dear reader welcome!

Welcome to my world of ideas, experiences, knowledge, wishing, organizing, past, future, present and much much more. Being in an industry of MICE is a blessing and curse. But we choose the positive. We love all the craziness that ultimately drives us crazy, all clients that often change their mind and every complication you can […]