How iDMC helped cleaning Slovenia

iDMC team took part in a nationwide project “Let’s clean Slovenia” that took place last saturday. Can you guess what we have found in our nature?


Our impressions:

I was expecting to find old tyres, used laundry machines, beer cans aso… But the most of the trash I’ve picked were cigarette remainders. Maybe a chance for the inventors to design cigarette box with used filter containers? Or advise smokers not to do nasty things.


With our GREEN mentality we ended up applying as volunteers for the World Cleanup 2012 and we helped clean a little corner of our capital Ljubljana. Small pieces of trash and rubbish were lying all over. Surprisingly even in what appeared to be a clean, tidy neighbourhood and between houses and homes people still threw trash on the streets. It most certainly gives you a new perspective on throwing anything on the floor once you collected cigarettes roaches, snack bags and empty bottles for hours along the road. I most certainly did not throw any rubbish anywhere else than in a bin since Saturday.

Many say that these cleanups are only giving people who don’t attend them even more reason not to be responsible, but no matter what people who don’t attend them think, the ones that do go and see it for themselves it changes where you’re willing to leave a rubbish bag. It did for me.


Did you realize how much things are already garbage when you buy it?
And did you realize how much plastic bags do you get? Everything is packed in thousand different packages and bags…
Do you recycle? Maybe it is time for cleaner world!


After the “Let’s clean Slovenia” experience, I must say, that our city Ljubljana is pretty clean. When you are passing by, at least. But when you take a stop and take a look around, you see some places, where some more work should be done. Expected dirt around bushes and A LOT of cigarette remainders.
We are a green country, with lots of cultural and historical monuments, which are surrounded with bushes and trees. Sadly, these cover up quite a lot of dirt. Maybe our enviromental designers could figure out a way, to make these places still green and beautiful, but with less options to cover the dirt. A winn winn situation for us, our environment and our guests.


Cleaning our lands was kind of a wakeup call for me. I knew people can act carelessly but the amount of the cigarets and other trashes has stunned me. I believe everyone should have that kind of an experience to see how just a “small paper piece” that one throws away may become a big problem, if there are a lot of individuals, who think that “just this one time I will throw it away here, it can’t do any harm”.


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