M as Meetings in MICE

As a meeting booker you want to make the best of the meeting as possible. Just another meeting room with a projector, flipchart & audio equipment will not do any more. Increasingly many booking seekers seek out unique and special venues to host their meetings. And it is more and more difficult to surprise them with something new. Meeting suppliers such as hotels must hence concentrate on how to surprise the guest/booker with its venue – which new breakthrough IT solutions it offers, how unique is the ambient, what is the “story” of the hotel. We have to think creatively how to incorporate this unique feature into the meeting area, to combine the idea with the whole meeting experience.

Also, the little details are the ones that matter with the booker. Individual touches, personalized tea & coffee breaks themed to the event, possibly a surprise entertainment during a break (mini musical performance in the garden).

It is important to understand and focus on the goals that the booker is trying to achieve from his meeting/event and to offer the experience of those goals through the whole meeting, weather it is a green idea meeting or any other meeting idea for that matter.

A great meeting organizer will make the guest enjoy the whole meeting experience so that they will remember that meeting for its unique stylish/futuristic/elegant venue for years to come.

Meeting business must be done responsibly. Bookers are more and more looking for a location that looks after economic, social, environmental aspects. Supplier must be true on all of these aspects as it can backfire hard if you use these ideas just for gaining profits or to manipulate the general opinion.

Finally, it is important to remember that you can not survive on your own in this business. You must incorporate the story of the location (Ljubljana, Slovenia) into the whole event to make it all so more memorable.

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