Experiential Fam Trip

Last evening – only positive vibrations in the air

Please take a step back and think what is the basic element of every trip? What lasts longer than sweets that you buy in local candy shop? How do you perceive the moments of time spent at destination?

It happened on the sunniest weekend in October somewhere in the west Slovenia. Our second FAM trip this year. Shocked by the fresh air, the positive atmosphere was ignited by smiles of our Russian guests. Mission Alpine gems started the very next day by the Bohinj Lake embraced with high peaks of Julian Alps. A common phenomenon – temperature inversion kicked us to the heights among the layers of warm air saturated with accordion music and accompanied by blueberry brandy. Typically Slovenian. Breath taking panorama of Bled lake, reminiscent carriage ride, castle coffee, vintage cars scenery drive and wine tasting. Enough.

The sun followed the weather forecast for Sunday. Reception at Mayor’s office can evolve to a coffee time at the bank of Ljubljanica river. Only in Ljubljana. A moment later cruising with 30 knots in the Adriatic Sea and medieval stopover in town of Piran for the search of local products. Slowing down with massage and sunset dinner over the bay of Piran.

In the name of Love, how do we feel the trip three weeks later? Experience it!


Nataša, Boštjan, Mojca, Saša, Eva, Matjaž, Zoran, Miha, Janez, Aleks, Urban and Borut thank you!


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